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Fanfic en provenance du site intitulée "Life after school":

Notes de l'auteur: University. The part in life where everyone looks forward to. Otani and Risa have both made it to the same university. Will their relationship survive the test of time, or will the addition of a new character cause more disruption to their already shaky relationship? Disclaimer: Lovely Complex and all the characters inside belong to Aya Nakahara solely. I am in no way linked to the series nor the anime nor any LoveCom products. This story is not a continuation of the series, its just a fragment of my wild imagination. I do need your support though, it's my very first piece of fan fiction. Please help my contributing your reviews!! Disclaimer 2: This, I am afraid, will be a very long story, so do bear with the slow pace of the development. I promise it will be good!!

Chapitre 1

 “Otaniii!! I can't believe we are actually in Kansai University right now! Given our equally lousy grades in high school for 3 whole years, I still cannot believe we both miraculously made it through the university entrance exams!” A hard knock on the head broke my grin. “Who says we have equally lousy grades. Remember back in our final high school mid-year exams, I managed to beat you by 2 marks? And besides, I started preparing for the exams way earlier than you. It's obvious I would breeze through the entrance exams. Well, you got in too, somehow. There must have been a mix-up of papers or something. Well well, I sure pity the person who got your grades!” “Yeah yeah. What's with the 2 marks anyway? That's like saying your 2mm increase in height makes you any taller, you midget!” Of course I don't mean what I say. Although in truth, Otani really is very short, no matter which way I look at him. Especially when he is majoring in sports education. I can already imagine that scene in my head. He, only slightly taller than the elementary school students, teaching gym class to a group of young and innocent kids. He – my boyfriend of 8 months and 11 days. My boyfriend. Otani Atsushi. Just that thought in my head alone could make me melt in glee. I couldn't resist laughing at that cute thought. Otani and me, together, after one whole year of chasing him. It had been a tough period, but the fruit of my hard labour is indeed the sweetest thing I've ever tasted. Otani, having no idea of the wondrous air-castle playing out in my head, gave me another of his signature hard knocks at the back my head. “Look, if you want to carry on fantasizing about whatever sort of silly nonsense you have in your head, you can continue to stand here in front of the entrance and do so. With your height, people may actually mistake you as a century-old totem pole. I am not going to stand here and miss the entrance ceremony because of you!” “Let's hurry then, Atsushi-kun...” I said with my sweetest voice, at the same time fluttering my eyelids innocently. Otani froze on the spot. “Wha what what are you doing? Are you having a seizure?” his words finally forced out, after like 5 years of stunned silence. Seriously, there is no point in being sweet to him. “Argh forget it. If Kanzaki-san's the one saying that, I am sure you will be falling head over heels for her all over again. An amazon can never be kawaii, I know. I should just stick to all that mad-woman screaming inside some secluded rainforest and impaling people with poisoned spears!” I signed in exasperation. It sure is tough falling in love with a shorter guy. Sometimes I wished I had fallen in love with a taller guy instead. At least people wouldn't think that I am bring my younger brother out for a trip. And the fact that Otani, being one of the most popular guys in high school, only makes things worse. Countless times have I been given the evil glare by the numerous girls in his fan club. Not to mention all the pin-pointing going on behind my back. At times I really wonder if it's worth the effort to continue with such a peculiar relationship. Reliving all those horrible past memories started to make my eyes sting, and soon enough, tears had began to form round the rims of my eyes. Otani, somehow being able to read my mind, held my hand tightly, his warm and manly fingers intertwined with my very own. “Don't be silly, Risa. You know I'll choose the amazon over some over-cloyingly sweet girl anytime. You are interesting in your own way, Risa, and that's what draws me to you, with or without the sweetness,” he said reassuringly. “Besides, I happen to like some sadism and violence in my girl.”he couldn't help adding on, corking an eyebrow in the meantime. Did I just hear him say that I am his girl?!?! OMG did he just say that? That was like the sweetest thing he has ever said to me. I am not just any random girl on the streets; I am Otani's girl! Ho ho ho, how I wish I can call Nobu-chan now and repeat whatever Otani has just said to me. My legs are getting wobbly all of a sudden, I think I am really melting away this time round. For now, it's definitely well worth the effort. “Uh-hum, that last sentence wasn't meant to be a compliment, you know?” I wished I could find something now to hit his head with. His height must have been his retribution for all his meanness. In fact, he should shrink another 5 inches or so. “Come on, if we don't hurry up now, we'll definitely miss the start of the ceremony. Didn't we work our ass off for this moment? I sure wouldn't want to miss this for anything in the world. And I want to share this special moment with you and you only, Risa Koizumi. So hurry up and get going!!” exclaimed Otani, whilst trying to pull me up the stairs leading to the varsity hall. With much effort. And that's how it started, the first day of our long and eventful 4 years of school life in Kansai University.

 Chapitre 2

One word to summarize the entrance ceremony – Boring. With a capital B. I seriously don't understand why there is a need for an entrance ceremony. I mean, I certainly do not need to know all the teachers in this school, especially when I am going to forget their names, or even remotely what they looked like the moment they get off stage. And I definitely don't need to know that the main canteen sells one of the best omu-rice one can find around the district, and the fact that the school is even remotely proud of this fact. Sigh, this is like high school all over again, maybe worse, since Nobu-Chan, my bestest friend since forever, Nakao-kun, Chihara-chan and Suzuki-kun are all in different universities. Although we are all studying in the Osaka district, it sure feels lonely not having them around with me in school. This whole speech thing is really making me sleepy. I am suddenly reminded of this one particular ceremony in high school when I was caught sleeping in the middle of a speech, whilst standing with the rest of the cohort. Somehow, all my past memories revolve around me goofing up. I can't even remember a time when I was even remotely praised by anyone! Am I, Risa Koizumi, destined to have a horrible life?? Not only am I cursed with a man-body (read: tall height, no boobs), I am uncivilized, rough and not in the least sweet. I am surprised, that with my lack of feminine qualities, that I can even snag a guy this cool like Otani. He must have been deluded. I am suddenly jolted out of my thoughts by a stifled sneeze. I turned around, and there she was, both hands covering her nose, looking slightly embarrassed. Wow, she is so ladylike, I thought in my head. Exactly the kind of girl Otani likes. A long time ago, like last year, when Otani and I were still not together, he once commented that I sneezed like a man, and that he would very much prefer to date a girl who would cover her nose with her hands when sneezing. This is exactly the kind of girl that he would like. Not me, the girl who sneezed loudly. “Oh what the crap, I should probably stop all these paranoid thinking, it's getting unhealthy,” I thought in my head, “Didn't Otani just reassured his love for me? The unwomanly amazon? We are already together now. I should be basking in our romance, instead of treating every woman on the streets as potential competitors. And besides, I am sure every girl covers their nose when sneezing, not just this girl beside me. Nothing to worry about.” I was just feeling a lot happier when she, the girl who sneezed, lowered her hands. I stood these, eyes wide open, mouth agape. She was, she was so beautiful! You know, there are pretty girls, and there are beautiful girls. She is the perfect epitome of beauty. The kind of girl who would stop traffic and cause jams. The kind of girl who would even make other women look twice. Black flowing hair that framed her symmetrical face, slim and shapely (read: booby) body, tanned and healthy flawless complexion. The girls that stood beside her paled in comparison. Wait, I am standing beside her. Great, Risa Koizumi, you managed to stab yourself in the back again. I turned to look at Otani. There he was, face filled with concentration, listening intently to the speaker. Yes, Atsushi is the kind of guy that is focused on what he wants. He wanted university, he got into university. I am sure he wouldn't just give me up for any random girl who just happened to sneeze with grace. He likes me, the uncivilized and goofy me. That's all that matters. “What's with that silly grin again? You look like you are having spasms.” Shit. My thoughts must have shown on my face again. “You know, you better go for a medical check-up when you are free. Half an hour ago, you were crying hysterically, and now you are grinning like a plain-faced idiot. People who don't know you may think you just escaped from the asylum.” “SO YOU ARE SAYING I AM INSANE? IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!” Oh no. Big-mouthed-Risa strikes again. My faced immediately turned a shade of tomato red from all the rude stares I am getting. “Gomen Gomen!! Carry on please, everyone!” I mouthed, hoping that my whispering would make everyone forget the deafening screech they heard just now, and at the same time using all my mental powers to will everyone to turn around and look straight instead. I thought this would be high school all over again. This is definitely worse than high school.

 Chapitre 3

Note de l'auteur: This chapter is really just some tying up some of the loose ends in my story so far. It answers why both Otani and Risa can get into university. It really can be skipped, and in my opinion, is rather boring. So skip this chapter if you wish to and hope you will carry on reading the next chapter! I promise it will be exciting! Well, that's an interesting start to my life as an undergrad.


Risa Koizumi, Kansai University undergraduate. Sounds unbelievable, but I made it somehow. After a hell lot of studying. Actually, I never intended to study in an university, cause truthfully speaking, I never really had the brains for it. I couldn't even pass my normal high school exams during my 3 years in high school! In fact, I wasn't even close to passing at all! After much thinking (whilst recking my brains to complete a particularly hard maths question, in which Chihara-chan took only 3 steps to complete), I had already decided to work as a salesperson at the nearby departmental store, due to my passion in interacting with people (and partly for the heavily discounted clothes.) In fact, I had even applied for a job interview, except that I kinda overslept and missed the interview. Luckily. Cause that day was THE day. The day when Otani broke the news that he wanted to apply for Kansai University. No wonder for the past month he had always been 'too busy' to go out with me. I thought he must have met someone new and was trying to ditch me by meeting up less and one day disappearing from the face of the earth (or at least from me). Turned out that he was preparing for the national exams every single night. Spurred on by his determination (and partly cause I can't imagine having to go separate ways with him after high school), I decided I should take the national exams too and enter the same university as him. And boy did I study hard. No more weekly outings with Nobu-chan to the nearby mall and restaurant. No more console gaming. Dates with Otani became study trips instead. All that sacrifice just so I could pass my national exams. Luckily all that serious studying proved worthwhile, when I found out I managed to make it to Kansai University with Otani. That's about the gist of it. Anyway, my family has hailed Otani as my savior who managed to bring out the real, albeit (super) deeply inner potential in me. One night, I even heard my mum telling my dad to marry me off to Otani as soon as possible. Hah! As if I, an independent woman of the 21st century, would like to get married at such a young age. What old conservative thinking my parents have! To think that they want to make such important decisions without even consulting me? As if I really want to get married to Otani so soon. What a joke! Oh no, I really hope my dad takes my mum for real and quickly do something!! Risa Atsushi. What a nice ring to it!. Oops, was that drool on my chin? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Notes de l'auteur: I try not to deviate too much from the real storyline, so those who have read the manga may feel that I have not developed the story much. I tend not to deviate much cause I want to keep the original essence of the story, and more of my own ideas will show from the next chapter onwards.

Next chapter: An old friend of Risa appears on campus, and who exactly is that beautiful girl that Risa saw during the entrance ceremony? Find out in the next chapter!


Fanfic en provenance du site intitulée "All The Sweet Things"


Atsushi clicked away on his computer as Heikichi leaned back on the side of his bed and flipped through some swimsuit magazine. Atsushi really wasn’t too sure what he was looking for on his computer but it didn’t take the shorty very much time before he accidently clicked on some sort of link which lead him to one of the stupidest things he would ever read in his life.

“All the things the right guy would do?” He questioned the screen like that really wasn’t what it said at all.

“What?” Heikichi asked, throwing the magazine to the side and looking over the smaller boy’s shoulder.

“This is the corniest thing I think I’ve EVER seen.” Atsushi laughed as he scanned the numbers of qualities the perfect man should have. No one man was like this…it was IMPOSSIBLE.

“Read it.” Heikichi told him, as he was just as curious but Atsushi’s big head was getting in his view so he could barely see the screen to read it himself.

“Okay, so…1, Know how to make her smile when she is down. 2, Stare at her. 3, Sing to her even if you can’t. 4, Try to secretly smell her hair BUT on the sly make sure she notices. 5, Play with her hair. 6, Be patient if she takes forever to get ready. 7, Be cute when you really want something. 8, React so cutely when she hits you ever if it actually hurts. 9, Offer her plenty of massages. 10, Be funny, but know when to be serious. 11, Have a creative sense of humor. 12, Help others out. 13, Stick up for her but still be respectful of her independence. 14, Hold her hand and be proud of it. 15, Always be thankful you have her. 16, Give her your best real smile. 17, Always give her a peck on the cheek when you depart from each other's company- even when friends are watching. 18, Plan a romantic date full of cheesy things you wouldn't normally do just because you know it means a lot to her. 19, Dance with her even if you feel like a dork. 20, Come up behind her, put your arms around her, squeeze her tightly against your chest, and whisper softly into her ear and finally 21, Never run out of love.” He laughed loudly. “This is so retarded.”

He moved the mouse and was ready to click the X to exit out of the screen but Heikichi stopped him.

“No, no…wait.” He said, his rather feeble mind coming up with a scheme. Atsushi scratched his head in wonder as to why he told him to stop. This bullshit was nothing…wasn’t it?

“Why don’t we try it out?” He asked him. Atsushi scrunched up his face in confusion.

“Eh? What are you talking about?” He stared back at the screen and reread it quickly. Heikichi liked to bring up random things when he was pleased to do so.

“Show Koizumi how sweet you can be.” Heikichi told him, straightforwardly so with every word his dense friend would completely understand.

“Why does it have to be me?” He asked him, standing up with utter shock.

“Because I already am so sweet to Nobu-chan.” He told Atsushi with a wistful, far-off voice. He then quickly fell into a daydream of his current girlfriend and couldn't be bothered to continue from the point in the conversation otherwise.

“I’m not sweet to Koizumi?” He asked Heikichi, dropping to the floor with a lack of confidence in his boyfriend abilities. He started to question how good of a boyfriend he was, going over how he spoke to Koizumi and how he treated her…WAS HE SERIOUSLY BAD?

“AM I BAD?” He shouted to himself but it made it seem like the question was directed to Heikichi.

Heikichi shook his head, “Not bad…I just don’t think you’re giving it your all. You really are very self-conscious of your relationship Otani.”

Atsushi’s body shook. He didn’t have a relationship complex too, did he!? “What do you mean self-conscious?” He needed a good, clear clarification or else he would just be ten times more confused then he already was and Atsushi was starting to feel a MAJOR headache coming on.

“Well, how come I barely ever see you act like a couple in front of us? That, and you don’t even call her by her first name…” He placed his finger on his chin a tapped it lightly. Atsushi watched him do this for a moment before he was brought back by the long, awkward silence.

“I don’t know, maybe I have class," he started sarcastically under his breath but went on with serious tone. "Because I think it will make people laugh if they see me just friggin’ making out with her in public.” He stopped to rectify himself. “We only did that once though.” Heikichi looked at him oddly as to ask when. “Christmas.” Atsushi replied. He took a second to gather his thoughts. "And she's so emotional, you know?"

“See, you think people will laugh. S-E-L-F C-O-N-S-C-I-O-U-S!” Heikichi boasted. He smirked at his long-time friend’s depressed face. “So show her!”

“Show her what?” Atsushi asked, forgetting the stupid list completely. He had fallen deep into a pit of his own lack of confidence.

“Show her that you are the right man for her!” Heikichi said, trying to rekindle the flame of conceit in his friend.

“I’m the ONLY man for her, incase you didn’t know.” Atsushi told him flatly, thinking it impossible that anybody could come in between Risa and himself. NO he knew that he would let anyone do that, he smirked as he remembered how that Kohori person tried and FAILED to have Risa for himself...he didn't even want to start thinking about MAITY!

“Right, so prove it to her…do every single thing on that list that you find so stupid.” Heikichi pushed Atsushi out of the way and printed out the list from the computer.

“I can’t...” Atsushi said as he pulled the paper from the printer and reread it again. He wasn't really sure why he couldn't act this way...was it for morals or because he knew he'd fall flat on his ass if he tried?

“Why not?” His friend wondered with a twinge of annoyance.

“I can’t even do number 20 properly!” He told him dejectedly.

“Be creative. Show her what a real man you are.” Heikichi picked up the magazine he tossed to the side earlier and reopened to the page he was staring at.

“You’re right Nakao!” Atsushi said with a new confidence that he randomly pulled from no where in a true Otani fashion! “I can do it!”

“Of course you can.” He told him half-heartedly, his attention now on the pretty swimsuit model named Reiko. “So you care to make it interesting?” He asked, his eyes never leaving her bikini.

“Inter-esting?” Atsushi asked, his eyes wide with fear, shock, and wonder. He dared to edge closer to Heikichi.

"Do everything on that list, every single number in that order and THEN..." Heikichi stopped, filling terror into Atsushi's entire being.





Chapitre 1

Otani paced back and forth in the room and tried anything to keep his nerves down. He counted backwards, forwards, and even tried standing on his head. He had a nice cold glass of milk and finally, when it was late enough to be considered a time to go to bed, he slipped quickly and quietly under his covers and placed his head face down in the pillow. He muffled a groan of annoyance and finally flipped over for a breath of fresh air.

“What the hell…” he said aloud to himself as he stared up at his ceiling. He held up his hand in front of his face and could barely make out its shape in the darkness of the room. He seriously had tried everything to get his mind off of going to see Risa the next day.

Don’t misunderstand.

It wasn’t that our dear, sweet Atsushi did not want to see his darling, beautiful Risa. It was more to the fact that Heikichi was going to be there and if he was going to be there it meant that he was going to be throwing the entire be sweet and propose nonsense all over him.

Atsushi then sat up with utter realization. Maybe…JUST maybe it wasn’t really nonsense at all! Maybe…maybe it was just the opening he had been looking for. It was true that he had been thinking about proposing to her as he was, in fact, over twenty and he was going to start his teaching job in the fall so there really wasn’t any reason why he couldn’t marry her now.

Oh, right, his mental strain probably wouldn’t let him get that far!

He threw his legs over the side of the bed and began to pace his room, once again, only this time in the dark.

“What the hell…” he said again, as he brushed his hand through his messy, unkempt hair quickly. Thinking over the bet again, he realized he wasn’t even sure how to start it! How do you just act so out of character without being called on it?

It wasn’t like he was the nicest boyfriend in the world…but he was just right for Risa and he knew that any major changes in his personality would send her fanatical mind flying in ten thousand different directions. She would probably yell at him, then cry, then yell some more and then finally stomp off to complain to Nobuko about him until he made it up to her someway or another.

Risa was a confusing woman…but he loved her all the same so he knew how to just deal with it.

He sat back down on his bed when the knots in his stomach finally subsided. He picked up the ball of paper on the floor and flattened it out. It was rather pointless to do, considering the darkness of his room, but it didn’t really matter to him because he had basically memorized every word on that one sheet.

“Number one, know how to make her smile when she is down.” He said under his breath. He threw the paper off to the side and slipped back under the sheets.

Then his thoughts started to take a dramatic turn and it is the author’s opinion that you all be forewarned.

Atsushi closed his eyes tight and mentally tried to envision Risa’s reaction to each and every step. She looked happy, or at least he thought she would be.

This was all for her, wasn’t it?

So what if he just happened to give her some extra pampering with sweetness mixed in until he went in for the kill and finally sealed the deal, so to speak.

He would prove to Heikichi that he could be a boyfriend ten thousand times better then he was! And in the end he would win the bet and win Risa again and again and again!

Atsushi grinned madly at his newfound pride and quickly pushed any doubts into the back of his mind. He wasn’t sure when they would resurface again but now wasn’t the time to think about that, now it was time to sleep. And that came a lot quicker then expected.

“Oi, Otani…get up.” Atsushi heard a loud voice command to him through his dream. He turned over in his bed and tried his hardest to block out the voice and all motivation to get up and enter reality once again.

“Oi! OTANI!” The voice screamed and now Atsushi clearly identified the owner of the voice as Risa.

He sat up quickly, too quickly for just waking and he tired his hardest to glare at her with sleepy eyes.

“What’s with that look?” Risa asked, standing straight and crossing her arms over her chest. She glared down right back at him and for a few moments it was nothing but silence and death glares.

“Who let you in?” Atsushi asked, finally breaking the silence.

“You gave me a key when you moved in here you idiot!” She nearly shouted at his stupidity. She sat on the edge of his bed, her fighting energy drained faster then she was used to.

Atsushi slipped out of the covers and scratched his head in an effort to clear it of the morning dreariness. He stared down at his feet as thoughts of the night before started to fill his head. He turned away in an effort to hide his grin.

“Well…” he stated, trying to hide his new surfacing happiness. “Good morning.” He turned his head slightly and brought his arm around her shoulders.


Risa looked up at Atsushi and couldn’t help but be baffled by the sudden morning greeting…


“Good…morning?” She questioned hesitantly, not as to make any sudden movements. She slinked out of his wrapping and backed up slowly until she felt she was a safe distance from him.

“Why do you question my greeting as if it’s poison?” He questioned her in return. His bleak, fallen face replacing his grin. Ah, now this was the Atsushi Risa really knew well.

“I’m sorry!” She replied with a laugh finally catching on with his meek attempts to get their morning on the right foot. “It was just a surprise, you being all touchy like that.” She covered her mouth as to subside her laughter.

“Is it bad?” He asked her softly, trying not to look down at the wrinkled paper from the night before. Was there anyway he could act like a honest to goodness sweet guy without her starting to erupt it fits of laughter? Was it possible AT ALL?

“Of course it’s not bad.” She said lightly, not picking up on the softness of his voice. “It’s just different…for you at least. You are subtle in your romantic ways Otani. That’s how I know you to be when you are alone with me.” She nodded her head in reassurance; proud that her words came out the way she wanted them to.

“Is that okay?” He asked her, doubts from the night before starting to return to the front of his mind. “Wouldn’t you…” he stopped, a feeling of humiliation lingering above his head.

“Would I what?” She asked after a moment of waiting in silence. She nudged his shoulder with her arm as to help him try to get his words out. Her words probably wouldn’t help him at all with his, even though she was the queen of confessions…so they say.

He couldn’t say it…and the only way to recover was… “Nothing.” He said with a conceited grin. He laughed loudly at her fallen, disappointed face and hit her shoulder in his normal slapstick fashion. “Don’t look so disappointed Koizumi!” He laughed harder, trying to hide his own disappointment with himself. “It was seriously NOTHING!” he spoke the word ‘nothing’ in English as to try to show his emphasis on how unserious the situation really was.

She didn’t buy it.

“Why are you acting like this?” She asked, trying her hardest to be mature and not start another fight with him.

“Acting like what?” He asked her slowly, trying his hardest to act like he normally did when he was around her. But it was too comic for the moment…too unreal. She could clearly see through him. All the years she’d known, him his feelings were no longer foggy like the steam from a ramen vendor.

Well, most of his feelings.

“You don’t have to put on a fake smile in front of me. I only want real, true Otani smiles. Any others won’t do!” She exclaimed.

“Koizumi.” He said simply. Her name was all he needed to say…all other words in that moment in time seemed somewhat meaningless.

“Right.” She replied. “Now get dressed so we won’t miss breakfast entirely, right?” She patted his head softly. “Good boy Otani.” She joked.

He knocked off her hand and stood up. He opened his draws and closet and quickly found something suitable to put on for the rest of the day. Risa marveled for a moment on how fast it was for a man to change clothes then fell back onto Atsushi’s pillow and faced his wall.

“You aren’t hiding your eyes from me, are you Koizumi?” He asked with slight amusement in his voice.

She groaned and forced herself to turn around to shout at him that she was only resting her head but still, Koizumi Risa, at twenty-two years old, couldn’t stop the light pink blush that tinted her cheeks. There, Atsushi stood, jeans left unbuttoned and his T-shirt half way on reveling his nice chiseled chest despite his short height.

All those years of basketball had been good to the boy.

“You’re blushing.” He commented happily. He laughed as he slipped on his shirt and buttoned his pants.

Risa put her hand to her cheek and was shocked but it’s warmth. How could she still be so childish as to blush at her half-naked boyfriend? And it’s not like she hasn’t seen him naked before!

But that’s another story and shall be told another time.

She sat on the edge of the bed and slowly found herself staring at each of the objects occupying Atsushi’s floor. It only took a moment for her to find the wrinkled paper that rested by the bed.

She picked it up as Atsushi left the room to take care of his bathroom routines, her eyes quickly scanning the numbers and lines of words. She couldn’t stop the grin that managed to find it’s way to her face as she read it over.

As Atsushi walked back into the room, he spotted Risa cracking up over some wrinkled piece of paper. It took the poor guy a moment to figure out what the hell she had picked up so quickly…then suddenly his eyes grew into two wide, white circles of fear.

Had his plan been foiled so quickly?

“Oi! LET ME HAVE THAT!” He shouted, lunging at her. But she had stood up and held the paper up at her arm’s length, which obviously reached way above Atsushi’s.

“What the hell is this?” She asked him in fits of giggles. “All the things a sweeeeet guy would do!” She cooed in a joking manner. She looked up towards the sheet and completely missed Atsushi’s act of pushing her down onto the bed as a means to get the paper OUT OF HER HANDS. She still laughed, finding the entire situation funny.

“Nakao printed it out as a joke.” He told as he grabbed the paper out of her hands and threw it off to the side. “It’s stupid right?”

“I guess.” She told him out of breath, her laughter finally subsiding. She rested her head back on the comforter and Atsushi laid his head down on her chest as his legs hung off the bed, both of them not caring in the least of their most compromising position.

They laid like that, just with one another for a moment or two…just liking the feel of one another close. “It’s nice, hmm?” Risa asked softly, bringing one of her hands to play with Atsushi’s hair.

“Umm…yea.” He answered her, taking her free hand in his and simply intertwined his fingers with her own. He then, suddenly, turned his head and looked into her eyes and held her gaze.

She blinked once, then twice, and finally when the pink blush tinted her cheeks she felt the need to look away. “What are you staring at?” She asked him, taking her other hand from the top of his head to partially cover her face from his view.

“You.” He replied, taking his free hand to move her hand from her face. “So don’t hide your face like that.”

“Wasn’t staring at her one of the numbers on that list?” She asked, not really implying anything but feeling the need to call it out. She looked at the edge of his bed, not sure what she would do if she continued to look into his eyes like that.

Atsushi shrugged, in all honesty he had only remembered now that she had reminded him. “I don’t know…I just like your face.” He said in a soft yet silly tone. He tucked a stray hair that rested on her cheek behind her ear and grinned.

“Let’s go Koizumi.” He exclaimed, getting up off her and the bed. He held out his hand for her and she took it gladly. He then pulled her up on her feet quickly and caught her when she stumbled. “You’re so klutzy.” He told her honestly.

“I am not.” She huffed, as if what just happened between them never happened at all. It was all in true Koizumi and Otani couple fashion. One, act all lovey-dovey and then move on. It was as simple as that.

But Atsushi wouldn’t let go of her hand…and Risa noticed.

“You ready?” he asked pulling her out of his bedroom and his apartment all together…of course slipping on their shoes first.

“Yea…but we should hurry. Nobu-chan and Nakao-chi are waiting downstairs for us.” Risa suddenly remembered.

“Oi, you couldn’t tell me this sooner?” He said making a run for the elevator with Risa trying her best not to let go of his hand.

“Sorry!” She laughed as they raced into the tiny square that was the elevator. They caught their breath as the elevator finally reached the main lobby of the apartment complex.

“Hey, what took you two so long?” Nobuko demanded to know until she spotted the two holding hands, her mood changing quickly as she started to laugh, “Were you doing something naughty?”

“You’re holding hands?” Heikichi pointed out like no one else had noticed.

“So what? I can hold Koizumi’s hand if I want to. Right, Risa?” Atsushi asked her, her glanced up in her direction and quickly took notice of her blush.

“Uh, yea. Of course.” She smiled widely and placed her free hand on the side of her face. “Well, let’s go! We lost lots of time already, right?”

The group agreed and made their way out of the lobby.

Well…Atsushi thought, I just gave myself a head start.

Maybe this won’t be as hard as he thought.

“My hand is starting to get sweaty now…let go…!” Risa told him rather coldly. He looked up at her, his gaze almost deadly.

Or maybe not…

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